Festival Survival 2018: 11 Essentials We Can’t Live Without

Festival Survival 2018:
11 Essentials We Can’t Live Without

After braving 11 festivals during Summer 2017, we think we might have nailed our ultimate festival survival kit.

Festival life can be both a blessing and a curse! It’s all fun and games until the heavens open or your tent blows away. But we’ve grown to embrace the unpredictable UK weather, and wellies and a raincoat are now just a given when packing.

So here are our 11 must-haves for every fezzy…

Shine Shack X Magic Mirror

Let’s kick things off with our shiny NEW collaboration with Magic Mirror.

If you’ve ever struggled to get festival-ready from a tent, the Magic Mirror Mini and Magic Mirror Micro might just be the perfect solution.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Sequins

Would a festival really be a festival if you weren’t sparkling? You can never have too many sequins in our opinion. Whether it’s a jacket, a pair of hot pants, a gypsy belt or just a bumbag – it all adds to the disco ball vibe! Check out Wild Thing for inspo.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Fluff

We are talking warm fluffy faux fur jackets to keep you snuggly for when the sunshine heads to bed before you. Our favourites can be found over at Wear Carbs.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Mini Rig

At least part of the fun of a festival is getting cozy back at the tent (making Cloud Land) and listening to more of your favourite tunes (Hybrid Minds). We highly recommend Mini Rig, a Bristol based brand, who have created the ultimate portable speaker with enough bass to blast you to the moon.


A Shine Shack Angel is rarely seen without one arm in the air, waving their wand to the sky! How else are you going to spread the sparkle and dance in the moonlight?

A wand gives you all the power you need to make yourself, and everyone around you, shine their brightest!

Check out these hand-made power wands from @magikstikz ⚡ super charged and custom made by one of our Angel’s.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Unicorn Pillow

A comfy(ish) bed is essential and rather than dragging a pillow with you, a ‘pillow Pal’ is the answer! Another essential for Cloud Land, these unicorns provide the perfect place to rest your head.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Gems

Durrrrh! Check out a full range at our shop and make sure you grab some Stick & Fix to stop those gems budging (at least until you want them to come off!)

8. Cotton Coconut Floss

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Cotton Coconut Floss

We have found The ONLY way to remove your glitter and gems (and mud) without smearing it all over your face, is with Coconut Cotton Floss. Not only does it remove everything from your makeup to glitter but it leaves you feeling like you have been at a spa!

It’s a bit of secret recipe but keep an eye on the blog for an update soon.

Diamonds In Disguise

Designed for the dreamers, creators and magic makers. Handmade by Posie and using original Shine Shack gems, these jewelled Kalidoscope glasses are available in 2 colours. These babies will blast you into another dimension, showing you the universe in a whole new light.

Shine Shack - Festival Survival - Disco Ball

This magical disco ball just looks so fluffing great and doubles up as a cup! Perfect for a tent-mixed cocktail or just fill with water and stay hydrated.

Angel Wing Clips

Our favourite festival accessory has to be Angel Wing Clips and Shine Bright cat ears. You are officially part of the gang in these and we promise life is better wearing them!