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Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over £50 in the UK. Just select the free option on the checkout page.

How do I best use Mix-And-Match Gems?

All our Mix-And-Match Gems were designed to make it as easy as possible to create hundreds of unique and eye-catching looks, all from just one pack of gems.


They are easy to apply and reuse with our Stick & Fix cosmetic adhesive and you can check out this blog post for more info on creating your own gem cluster: Designing The Perfect Gem Cluster

Can I return an item?

For hygiene reasons, we typically do not accept returns or exchanges unless there is a specific problem with an item or we have sent the wrong colour/style/number. If any of these scenarios apply, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order and we will gladly take full responsibility to ensure your satisfaction.


If you would like to return your products for any other reason, please contact us via our website within 30 days of receipt, and your request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All products must be returned in their original condition and must not have been opened. We reserve the right to decline a return if the item has been opened or used, or if the return is requested after 30 days of receipt.

Is your glitter biodegradable?

All Shine Shack glitter is cosmetic grade, non-toxic and never tested on animals but it is not biodegradable. We therefore ask that all our customers remove their glitter with a wipe and never let it go down the plug hole.

There is currently only one source of biodegradable glitter, meaning everyone who sells biodegradable glitter is selling different versions/mixes of the same product. If you are looking to buy biodegradable glitter for your own makeovers, we would recommend checking out Glitterlution.

Biodegradable glitter is however available at all Shine Shack events and we can deliver exclusively biodegradable glitter makeovers on request.

What is your glitter made from?

Our biodegradable glitter mixes are made from a biodegradable film, which comes from eucalyptus trees and is sourced responsibly from managed plantations.

All our other glitter mixes are made of PET, which is a soft plastic and safe for use on the skin.

Is it safe for use on the skin?

All our glitter is suitable for cosmetic use. While this should minimise the risk of skin irritation,
we always advise to do a patch test in a small area of skin first first and ensure nothing unexpected occurs.

Is your glitter safe to put near my eyes?

You can never be too careful with your eyes so please be sensible when applying our glitter!
This is particularly true of any mixes with shapes such as stars, diamonds or moons. Please do not apply glitter to your eye lids.

Is your glitter tested on animals?


How big are your original pots?

Original pots are 10ml and contain 5g of cosmetic glitter.

How big are your large pots?

All large pots contain 30g of glitter (6 times bigger than our original pots).


30g vs 5g - Chunky Glitter Mixes