Dreamer Gems

Dreamer Gems



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Our Dreamer Gems include a dazzling mix of the world’s shiniest and most magical gems, perfect for creating your own unique and eye-catching looks.


All our Mix-And-Match gems were designed to give you the tools to create hundreds of unique and eye-catching looks, all from one pack.


For info on how to design your very own gem cluster, check out this blog post.


And don’t forget to strengthen and reuse your gems again and again with our famous Stick & Fix.


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Mix-And-Match Voodoo Gems


It took over a year to develop and finalise our Mix-And-Match Gem packs. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to create hundreds of unique and eye-catching looks, all from just one pack of gems. And our Dreamer Gems do just that.


We wanted big and beautiful gems to make a statement but we also needed the right selection of smaller, more agile gems to help build the ultimate festival looks. After months of trials and testing, we finally nailed the perfect mix of shapes and sizes.


Designing your gem cluster


We always recommend spending a bit of time crafting your preferred gem cluster before sticking


  • Start by choosing your central gems
  • Add symmetrical support with larger gems either side
  • Expand your design with smaller gems
  • Add your finishing touches, such as stars


For more info, check out this blog post: Designing The Perfect Gem Cluster



How to apply


  • Simply peel gems away from the plastic backing


  • Hold in place for 5 seconds on clean and dry skin


  • We highly recommend strengthening your gems with Stick & Fix


Always be careful if applying glitter or gems near the eyes and keep away from children.