Chunky Biodegradable Glitter Mixes

Chunky Bio Glitter



We’ve always believed in shining responsibly and never letting our glitters go down the plug hole. So to make things even easier, we’ve introduced our new range of chunky biodegradable glitter mixes.


Available in silver, gold or lilac.


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Chunky Biodegradable Glitter Mixes


Our chunky biodegradable glitter is made from a biodegradable film, which comes from eucalyptus trees. It is sourced responsibly from managed plantations, it’s certified as compostable and does not contain any genetically modified materials.


  • Available in Silver, Gold or Lilac
  • 5 grams of biodegradable glitter
  • Suitable for cosmetic use
  • Use on the face, body or hair



How To Apply Glitter



  • Step 2: Using a flat brush, add your first glitter by ‘pressing’ it flat against the adhesive


  • Step 3: Blend outwards with other colours for that extra sparkle


For some quick and easy ideas, you can checkout this blog post: Easy Festival Makeovers

Please always be careful if applying glitter near the eyes though and always supervise children.

Don’t eat it. Play safe.